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Crypto Trading – Basic Course

By HM Tanveer Categories: Crypto Trading
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About Course

Crypto trading is buying and selling cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, to make a profit. This type of trading has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the rise in the popularity and value of cryptocurrencies.

An introductory course in crypto trading would cover the basics of how to trade cryptocurrencies, including the different types of exchanges, how to read and interpret charts, and how to use various trading strategies to make informed decisions.

The course would also cover cryptocurrency wallets, security measures, risk management, and the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies and trading.

By the end of the course, students would have a solid understanding of how to trade cryptocurrencies and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make informed trading decisions in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of crypto trading.

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What Will You Learn?

  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • What is Blockchain Technology (how it works)
  • How to create account on crypto exchange
  • What is Spot & Future Trading
  • Creation of Trust Wallet & MetaMask Wallet
  • Centralized VS Decentralized

Course Content

What is

  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • What is Bitcoin
  • What are Altcoins
  • What is Blockchain Technology

Why You Should Adopt Crypto


Account Creation

Trading Types

Student Ratings & Reviews

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HM Tanveer
11 months ago
Newbies will get basic information to start their career in crypto trading by watching this course.
I learned a lot from this basic crypto trading course. I have cleared up a lot of misconceptions about cryptocurrency. I highly recommend this course everyone who wants to learn crypto.
Hafiz Abu-Huraira
12 months ago
If You Want to Learn Crypto Currency then it's Best Course you. videos was excellent. I have learned a lot from this course.
12 months ago
I had no knowledge and information about trading but after this course I have succeeded to get information about trading
Marsad Butt
12 months ago
good sir
12 months ago
your ananaysis is helpful for the biggners
Aas Bin Abid
12 months ago
Literally very very informative videos . Thanks p4provider
12 months ago
Good Informative Lectures
Muhammad Qasim
12 months ago
One of the best course of crypto basic
1 year ago
videos was excellent. All explanations were very good. i think more videos should add in the basic course and time of videos should also increase
1 year ago
Good Information provided by P4 Provider
Asim Saifullah
1 year ago
Its great
1 year ago
yes i was confused on wallet, but now it make sense.
1 year ago
If You Want to Learn Crypto Currency then it's Best Course you. Recommended for Beginners. 100% accurate course, no time waste.
Appreciate the effort You put into your Lectures. It was Really Helpful To understand crypto trading <3 Thank's
Faisal Safeer
1 year ago
adnan saleem
1 year ago
good informative videos

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